January 30th, 2020 – 491

This morning I wrote one of the toughest scenes in WHT. There are a few reasons it was a difficult scene to articulate. One was conveying mood with sincerety whilst not being melodramatic. Another was the topic itself. This was a scene that shines a spotlight on the racial insensativies of the early 1900s. That is something as a white well off modern day writer I can never grasp. I can never know the pain of those who fell under the tyranny of Jim Crow. It’s also something I have to talk about. The America of the early 1900s is a story of a country equidistant from two civil wars, both fought over race. It would be wrong not to discuss.

I have no doubt I’ll rewrite the scene in question a few times before it ever sees any kind of print, even WattPad. But I’ve done my best, and can only do that. My workday has been a busy stream since 9am, and I’ve got a queue of some 70 emails since yesterday afternoon. They’ll have to wait as none are prioriry compared to what I am already working on. If I catch the wind I should clear most if not all of it by 4pm though. Having a breather to write this inbetween is prety darn invaluable. For now though it’s back to it. Wish me luck.