January 29th, 2020 – 490

I’m renaming ‘The Long Goodbye’. This was always a bit of a strange placeholder title – lifted in part from another book with the same title. There were reasons for that, but as I became more serious about pushing my work out there, this title rubbed. I’ve been trying to think of a title that still encapsulates the story. And then today as I was consoling my closest friend, I found the title. It needed to speak to the dark undertones of the story, the desperation of its two protagonists. It needed to resonate.

‘The Way Out’ does this on several levels, and is the story’s new title. TWO for short, which is interesting as it was once book three. There is an eerie simple ring to it that reflects a story of escape, and the impossibility of it. So there we go, and another title stolen from, well myself. Time to update some documents on this site.

I have not written yet. I usually do so in the morning, then get to work and focus on that. Today work invaded home life, and the stress of it ruptured my routine. It’s lunch now, so I’m going to plough through target and get the ship righted. I’ve been letting myself get a bit buried by my old nemesis stress, and I need to halt that advamce before I begin to slip. I do though feel confident I will.  1K is so much stronger now than it was a year ago. I don’t wish to tempt fate, but by now 1K is capable of pulling me out of just about anything.