January 27th, 2020 – 488

So yesterday I posted chapter 26 of VOL to WattPad, but with a difference. That weekend was a slog to get through, which to be honest most weekends are. Because I am sick of late uploads, I put up the chapter without doing a final edit. That was not a great idea, even if it got the job done on time. It did however help me figure out how to fix my publishing schedule.

I blame Christmas for preventing this fix sooner. Also New Years. Both occured on the same day, and that obfuscated the problem quite a lot. Each made me jump through faffy hoops to get content out on time – or as close as feasable in the end. As a result, the meme of ‘I can never upload on time despite the book being 95% done’ came about. I assumed it was a problem with my willpower and such, and not the day.

No it’s entirely the day. If you treat those holidays as ‘honarary weekends’, then an obvious pattern emerges. I can do the edits at my work desk next to no problem. On a weekend though, I am not in the right headspace to do that. Sure this means if I edited it all in advance I’d solve the problem, but I’m starting to think even that isn’t a good idea. I do edit in a more granualar way when I do it chapter by chapter and spread out. So how do I fix this weekend willpower?

I don’t. I edit on Fridays instead. And if I do that I may as well upload on Fridays too. If I do that, and shift my other upload to Tuesdays, then I end up with both upload days on weekdays. I always feel more motivated in the office, amd on my breaks I need to take advantage of that more. But for now it’s Monday, so I’m going to get back to work and have a think on this. Chances I will, but I have time to reconsider if needs be. Not as if anyone is reading it yet anyway, this is all for my benefit.