January 25th, 2020 – 486

Today was interesting. Heating is broken again, and I had a slog in the morning, but I kept to my routine. Target finished at 12:50, journal at 1pm. Still need to bring the BuJo up to date with Trello notes but on the whole, I’m doing pretty well despite the setbacks. Glad all the same that I’ll be uploading VOL’s next chapter tomorrow not today. The only real issue I have right now is the cold making my muscles feel pretty weak. It’s making typing quite arduous, but I’m going to switch to Stardew Valley which is much less so.

WHT goes well, and I say that despite the words not coming so easy earlier. That was, for the most part, the stress of the heating, but now that’s getting resolved, I’m confident tomorrow will flow a lot smoother. I’m going to switch to Stardew now and try to relax. Wish me luck.