January 24th, 2020 – 485

This has been one heck of a tough week. The heating in the flat going haywire again wasn’t fun, but thankfully I have really great landlords so that wasn’t much of a problem. Should be fixed today. My mental health took a nosedive, but my new more structured routine pulled through like a champ and prevented any slide into negative patterns. So tough yes, but a resounding success.

Today my focus is on making sure I go into next week without any gaping problems in my work queue. For the most part I’ve already ensured that, but today I’ll sweep up a few lingering tasks that I’ve struggled otherwise to shift. I try and have a policy of “start nothing new” on Fridays, queuing that instead for Monday where it belongs. So far that’s mostly worked.

WHT is now over the 1/3rd typed threshold which feels great. I’m making great pace to finish by mid March, but if it spills into April that’s ok too. I’d rather it didn’t, but I don’t think it will either. Like my day structure, my project timeline structure is pretty robust now. Target is done for the day and now I can focus on bringing things in for a landing. For now, fingers crossed, all is well.