January 21st, 2020 – 482

Focusing on a more positive message in today’s post after yesterday’s heavier entry. I stand by talking about topics like that in a discussion – albeit with myself as all my readers are imaginary. But that is a topic I will likely enter into more if people read WHT. I want people to query my decision to discuss ‘views of generations past’, and if I handle it in a mature way. On the flip side, I slander Woodrow Wilson a lot as he was by several accounts I’ve read downright nasty.

Workflow is going well. I have a new Aloe Vera plant for my workdesk, and I must say: best decision ever. It makes me feel a lot more relaced to admire it from time to time. It’s my favourite plant and by extension favourite cacti variant. I hope it’s able to thrive in the office with the lighting and warmth on offer. With that addition my desk has come together in a satisfying array of decor, without clutter. It’s important to have a nice desk to work at, at least as I see it. Only issue now is minimising cables even more. I wanted to use my wireless mouse at work, but the old one did not respond well to the networked laptop. Here’s hoping a more advanced one down the line will.

So my routine sees me channel into writing early, then sweep up work and get into bigger tasks, and then update the bullet journal. That’s not a problem so much, as Trello captures all my notes to add to the journal later. It is a bit weird though, as notes should go into the journal straight away. In the morning that is impractical, as I haven’t had a coffee, don’t otherwise get anything from having one. It also takes time to write by hand – that’s kind of the point – and I like to get to work not long after waking up. But that’s ok.

What’s a bit more odd is I end up updating the journal around 11:30. That is what I want to break out of the habit of doing. Food for thought. But food isn’t until 11:50 today so I am going to get back to work.