January 19th, 2020 – 480

Slight correction to an earlier piece, 1K turns 500 days old on the 8th of February, the day after this blog hits 1 year. But hey that’s still uncanny. Ok, so I listen to The Improbability Principle when I sleep at night so I know I’m using the law of ‘near enough’ to say that’s a coincidence. But then again who cares? Side note, 1K turns 500 days old in 20 days! Like that seems the cooler milestone anyway.

Another cool milestone is today is the second day of this weekend in a row that I hit target before 10am. This weekend is going about as great as I ever could have hoped for, and I am working on getting the whole flat set up just how I like it by the end of the day. With target, blog and my personal journal all done, I have a real shot of finishing with time to spare and doing all my shopping to boot.

I’ve not much more to say today than that, except that it is a nice feeling having control of my weekends again. I want this to be the new norm from now on, and I think I’ve a good shot of managing that. It’ll take discipline, but now I have the strongest organisational methods I’ve ever had in my life, I’d say I have some of that to spare.