January 17th, 2020 – 478

A bit funny that the most productive feeling week I’ve had in months has an ‘average’ wordcount so far. Average is fine, 7,000 a week is a pace I can work with while writing is still a hobby. I’ll take that over late night target 9,000 word weeks any day. Or week. I worded that in a stupid way and I don’t know why I wouldn’t change it. Comedic effect? Isn’t comedic effect supposed to be funny?

So I wrote another 1,100 words of WHT before work, and with my morning coffee I have hit the ground running. I’m hoping to rally this into producing a slate of user guides for the ProMonitor system we use at the college. If I pull that off that will have a huge impact, and while it’s a pure ‘want to do’ action it’s one that will make life a lot easier. Other than that, it’s Friday, so this should be my clean up day for closing loose ends.

Except I don’t have any. Sure, I have tasks in my queue, but all my work is in hand or waiting on others who I’ve already chased. That is a blessing and a curse, even though that might sound perfect. The problem is that it’s not like I can finish early. I am almost getting too efficient for my workload, which is not a nice feeling. I’m not one of those people who can sit at their desk comfortable to be earning their salary for being ‘on call’. I am much happier when I am ‘doing’. Not ‘busy’, that’s a bad state to be in, but working on something big or small at any given moment, even if it is passive.

I’ll figure something out. Or, the guides will take much longer than I  estimated, and spill into next week. Or something blows up and I pivot to that to fix it. This is all elaborate guesswork when it comes to planning my day. It’s nice though to have structure to the potential chaos.