January 15th, 2020 – 476

So it turns out I have been doing 1K wrong for years. Well, over a year, we havem’t hit the two year mark yet. I have for the longest time gone “ok, do some work, then take a breif break to write, then back to it.”. That or “Ok get through work, and right at the end of the day pivot into 1K.”, Or, I end up writing at 2am. I mentioned a while back about doing writing in tiny chunks while working, but it’s only this week I’ve done so. It’s 10:43, I’ve gotten several tasks done at work, and I hit target 20 minutes ago. 

Why have I been treating writing any different to all the other tasks I have throughout the day? Some of it most likely comes from the mysticism of ‘close the door when you write/shut all else out.’ It’s rubbish, you don’t have to do that at all, at least if you have the capacity to switch between tasks fast enough. So in other words it might not be rubbish for some people, but I don’t need this silly timeboxing. When I ponder it at any length, it becomes obvious I never did. I invented a problem, then solved it by staying up until the early hours working.

It has helped having my quadrents of the day in front of me as I work. I know that between 9 and 3, I am in full on work mode – job and writing mixed into one blob. After 3pm, I’m in tidy, job-close and quick wins mode. When I get home it’s not 6pm yet, which is when leisure kicks in, so I do small house tasks. Then 6pm onwards is for me, and I get 4 hours worth of nice relacing peace, which is more than enough. I’ve gone from wondering if this will stick to praying in the general direction of any deity I can think of that it will. 

The biggest beneficiary is my work productivity though. I am ploughing through my tasks and getting so much more done because I can see the day in manageable wedges. When I run advanced Taking Control of Work sessions I will teach an evolved version of my quadrent model. I have to share this, and I have to look online to find others using it too. I want to explore all the ways I can take this to the next level when I am ready. Life can change without notice, but right now, it’s about as close to perfect as it has ever been. That’s pretty neat.