January 10th, 2020 – 471

This has been one of the smoothest ‘back to work’ transitions I’ve ever done. A lot of that is because I transferred jobs from Trello to the bullet journal, which kicked a few to done. Having to write out a task is a great motivator to ‘just do it’. The BuJo method says to start a new journal every year for that reason. That’s a great way to operate, though I will say this: I will fill my personal one at least in six months at this rate. That is far from a problem.

So I figured out how to have 14 finished novels by the end of 2023. The answer was so obvious that when it hit me, I actually laughed out loud. One of the main reasons I handwrite is so I have something to cherish, and a snapshot to reflect on. It means I write every book twice, and by the second’s finish I have unearthed so much more depth. It means that the story becomes more rich, more vibrant, and it is worth reading time and time again.

I think you can see where this is going. The Wanderer does not deserve that treatment. I haven’t even written it yet and it’s already my least favourite book. That’s a big deal, because it competes with the very much written and despised original ‘The Service to Ore’. Granted, I dislike the former because it brings back painful memories. While it’s not well written, it’s far from my worst work. 

The Wanderer by contrast is a story of psychopathic debautchery that could well cost me a mainstream career. Screw spending longer on that thing than I have to. It gets the first draft, and a rough edit. Also it gets uploaded in one go with all the spoilers in the description. I’m writing it because it’s an important part of the series, not because I want people to read it. In fact if people could not read this one I would be grateful.

With that I’m feeling pretty in control of my professional and semi-professional life. My personal life is doing alright, though I do wish I could finish the flat. I also wish I would schedule something at my place and say to people “I’ll cover your travel” to get people round. But most of all, I wish I would call the gas people already because my flat is 10 °C. To call that unpleasent is to understate how little use of the flat I can make when I have to spend all my time under a blanket to not, you know, freeze. It’s not the coldest place I’ve ever stayed – -4 °C  was the norm in a former bedroom. Even so, I hate that all that stands between me and sorting it is a phone call, and I can’t work up the nerve to do it.

My Friday energy is fleeting, and most of it will go into clearing my work queue. I am hoping to nail target before I leave. That’s easier said than done when I get kicked out at 5pm, so I can’t do my ‘on call in return for using my work desk’ tactic. If I take my lunch break as an actual break and not a work whilst trying to eat slog, I should manage to do this. That is the kind of dicipline I need to have, but also not do every day. I need to take my breaks, but I need to take them as breaks too.

Time to get back to it. Lunch I now take at 12pm instead of 11:30, so I want to clear as much as I can before then. Wish me luck.