January 9th, 2020 – 470

I really want to find my two missing fineliners. Now I’m a full convert to the BuJo method, I have found a new adoration for these pens. This particular pack was a present from my grandparents, so it’s sentimental too. I’ve always been naff at keeping sets of pens/pencils together; one of my newer resolutions is to cut that out. The orange and black pens are nowhere I can see, and I’ve turned the apartment over a few times looking. This weekend – where I plan to get the office and bedroom immaculate – I intend to find both. They shouldn’t be outside of the flat. I hope they’re not…

If I have an above average day of writing today, then WHT will hit 10K. That’s notable, because it means for every 9 days I am picking up about a thousand incidental words. That means over 72 days I should pick up about 8,000 extra words on top of 1K. That’s important, because that new model I talked a bit about yesterday works in 72 day cycles. March 13th is my “deadline” for WHT’s rewrite, and that’s 73 days. I’m not convinced I got my boundaries on the other days spot on, but I’ll do a proper review before it gets a BuJo page. With this model, I finish typing up my fourteenth novel on the 8th of February 2014. 

And I am ok with that. There are three reasons I’m ok with not finishing by the end of 2023:

  • I do finish by the end of 2023, but only the handwritten versions. That still counts imo.
  • That is an insane pace to write ten novels in and rewrite each one. 
  • Nobody but me cares.

I’m not saying bullet three in an oh woe is me, why does nobody appreciate my genius sense. That’s both because I’m not a genius – IQ means nothing so I don’t care what it says – and because it’s quite liberating. When I do succesd – I intend to – I’ll have a lot of added external pressures. Right now, I’m free to tackle this writing malarkey in any way I want to. One day I’ll look back on now with rose tinted glasses as the “simple” days. Well, ok no I won’t, I have a compresive account of every day of my life since 1K began, I know better than that. Point is, not having an audience has its perks.

That said I do need to up my WattPad game. At my current pace, there is a 0% chance of a Watty this year, at least if they include user engagement as a factor. I was toying with applying to become a WattPad Ambassador, but this felt cynical. Also to be blunt, I’m not sure it would help my exposure much. YouTube still exists on the edge of my “Want to do”s, but that’s a lot of work, pretty much a third job. That’s not to say I won’t, only that I won’t jump into it on the random. I may buy some clay soon and do a test video, and see how that does. That’s the correct way to do YouTube anyway.

Work is a lot smoother with BuJo. Having to write out a task again to bring it forward gives me much more of a kick than moving a card. There’s an added level of accountability, and more thought involved. I used to think moving a card taking zero effort was a good thing. Now I recognise that nugget of cognative focus makes you evaluate the task in a host of different ways, many useful. Trello had also adapted well into a file system. Sure it’s not Google Drive on face value, but for infomation storage – a true reference system – it’s fantastic. I still believe that you can use Trello as an everything-tool. But I also feel this is where its real strengths lie, and BuJo lets it shine a lot more.

Right, time to get back to work.