January 8th, 2020 – 469

Let’s see if I can do this at 10am in one chunk for once. It’s not a big deal if I don’t manage to do that, but there’s something psychological about it. Getting my head straight on the day ahead – which is half the reason I write this – makes the working day much smoother. That’s true for my writing and my paid job, which this sort of caters to both of. On that note the two bullet journals are going great. I am now using “Idle Thoughts” on Trello to capture things for the journal when I can’t stop and write. That’s helped out a lot, and doesn’t feel like repitition. It’s like sorting any other card.

WHT hit 7,000 words yesterday. I used to aim for 7K chapters – I know right, what the hell? If this was one chapter, there is a lot of excitement going on in it. It might be my strongest ever opening to a novel. That’s important because this is the book that needs to hook younger readers the fastest. Few of them will share my strange adoration for William Howard Taft. That’s why whilst the book opens with him, it doesn’t get into him in any detail until the fun and games. After all, this is not a story about only Taft.

If I am sticking with my “handwrite first, then type” model for novels, I am going to struggle to finish in time. I’m not talking about WHT, but the soft goal I have of finishing the whole series by the end of 2023. As it stands, I won’t be publishing the final chapter of the fourteenth and final book until 2024. I’m not that ok with this to be honest. The words “1K+” waft through my mind looking at this reality but I’m yeeting that right out the window. Never again. Or, never again while I am juggling both a paid and and unpaid career. 

I need to take a moment to reflect on “Enough”. I have talked about Enoughism in the past, but not a lot about the origins. It comes from the book I still feel most changed my life. Even though its methods are less influential than GTD, BuJo or the like, it’s why I even took up those paths. The book, Enough, by John Naish – who I would still love to meet some day – is all about rejecting the drive for ‘more’. It’s about learning to enjoy contentment and not chase being happy, more fulfilled, more this, more that. It’s not on Audible, but if you can find it on Amazon it still holds up over ten years later.

So when I look at how I would need to race through several projects to hit my 2023 goal, I do have to stop myself. I have to ask if the drive for more efficiancy and speed is at the cost of 1K’s spirit, its reason to be. I have to ask myself some tough questions about if I am despetate to hit that goal for a meaningful reason. I also have to remember, that writing it out twice is not writing ten 80,000 word novels in four years. It’s closer to writing twenty, twenty-one if you include WHT. That’s not even accounting for novels creeping up in length. AT what point am I obsessing over dates and not quality? 

I wanted to have all 5 stories written by the end of 2023. Well, as it happens, I will. Only a couple or even only one will still need typing. That isn’t a sin. No one besides me will care, and right now nobody cares. I don’t have fans clamoring for the latest stories faster and faster. I don’t have fans. When I do, it will be on my terms how fast I release new content. To be blunt, I turn out content a lot faster than the average writer now I am in full control. It’s time to stop beating myself up. Efficiancy is a good thing, but “don’t let this task destroy my health” comes to mind.