January 6th, 2020 – 467

I do wonder if getting a kick from being back at work after a holiday makes me a bit of a freak. That’s a little harsh. Like most people, I belefit from a surrounding of order. I also do better when I spend time in more than one place, not least being out of the flat in general. Nothing blew up at work while I was gone, nothing is blazing as “OVERDUE”. I’ve picked up where I left off in a seamless flow, as if the last 16 days was one weekend. 

But things have changed. Trello is looking a heck of a lot more bare, and a lot of that is due to a second bullet journal now sitting on my desk. I decided to be a little less fancy with my work bullet journal. Already I’ve found some interesting quirks to this method, such as the value of not splitting days. By that, I mean not putting a “special” page on the facing side of a double page spread. I have found a work around for today, but unlike my personal book, I’ll be doing “day to a double page”. 

Whether this will in time replace Trello is no longer even a notion I’ll entertain. I had to ask myself the question, but a welling of concerns, and even emotions, came when I looked back at my board. This is a home for me, and while yes some of that is comfort of the familiar, it works for me. Emails should go through idle thoughts on Trello. They should then filter into my journal or onto Trello as reminders. “Actions for Today” is gone, replaced with “Reminders” for today. Now, Trello is my calendar. Outlook can go f- oh wait I’m not meant to swear on here.

This is my confort zone. In a way, Trello is my digital bullet journal, but for a specific subset of prods that I need reminders of. When they pop up, they go into the journal. I like this, and it works for me. I’ll trial it for the next month, then reflect and adapt as needed. 

WHT is going smooth and getting better as I add to it. My one worry is we are going to sail past the 85K mark, which is not where I want my stories to go right now. Even so, that’s not the worst place to be; I’ll cut quite a lot in editing, so it will be a good length after that. The only problem is it makes March 13th unrealistic. Then again stretch goals are by their nature supposed to be a little unrealistic. They’re not SMART Targets, they’re shoot for the moon milestones that I can in theory reach. 

Guess we’ll see. Back to work.