January 5th, 2020 – 466

In a strange limbo this weekend. I keep finding myself full of energy thanks to finding an organisation system that works at home – spoilers it’s the bullet journal – but sapped for writing. I should feel jazzed. Today when I’ve written WHT will be at 5,000 words typed, which by my best guess is 1/16th complete. Oh of note, I need to sit down and rethink chapter lengths. 2,000 word ones are making me finish with 32/33 chapters that I have to slice and dice. Or maybe that’s fine, who knows?

I’m sure someone who is much better than me at this knows, but hey it’s kinda working for now so Imma not overthink it. Fresh coffee is made – well, instant fresh, man I need to start using my coffee machines again. I have two of them for crying out loud. Oh this is going to make this whole post even more eclectic but quick aside in the middle of this paragraph: I have no idea if me having coffee later is affecting my sleep but I’m a teeny bit concerned it might be.

Ok this post is a mess, quick recap: need to find my jazz to write; wondering if I need to make chapters shorter; coffee is good but also a potential issue. Damn, I should just bullet journal my blog. That’s going super well by the way as implied above. I’ll be making my final decision about a switch from Trello when I’ve launched my work bullet journal tomorrow. If you’d told me a month ago I’d even think about doing that I’d have laughed in your face.

It’s nice that my biggest issue is about when I write. Not how often, or what, or why. ‘Daily’, ‘main stories’ and ‘because I want to’ are locked in lifelong answers. So in a way, seismic changes are the new normal. I’m, weirdly ok with that. You can’t force stuff in this life. You have to be open and let it happen when the chance comes. Interested to see where we end up.