January 2nd, 2020 – 463

I’ve not had a bad start to the year all told. I’ve typed the first 1K of WHT, and while I haven’t written yet tonight I’m confident the second thousand will follow. There is a problem however, and it’s this negative habit loop I appear to be stuck in. Call it ‘1AM target’, and it goes a bit like this:

  1. Get up late
  2. Spend the day bleary and out of it
  3. Laze around to feel better
  4. Blog late
  5. Write even later
  6. Sleep late
  7. Repeat

That’s ok on paper, and so long as I write before I sleep it counts, but damn this is pretty appalling for my quality of life. Best I can do is write target soon, rest up and hope I can kick myself back into gear in time for work.

I should clarify, bad for my productive quality of life. In terms of my rest and relaxation I’m doing pretty well at the moment. My cube is all up to date and I may even be running a game of it tomorrow, so that’ll be cool. I’m doing alright, and while yes I keep goofing off until late I’m having fun doing it.

Feeling ready to hit the ground running at work as sad as it sounds was my priority this holiday, after writing of course. The flats looking great, and yes it’s freezing cold but I’ll get that sorted soon. I’ve got to give the gas people a call to fix that one. It’s all manageable little tasks and measurable goals. The sleep cycle is the gnarly one, but I can deal with that.

I’ll start writing in a bit anyway, as I’m not keen to sleep through the rest of my holiday. All told, things are good right now, and I’m feeling confident about the year ahead.