December 30th, 2019 – 460

I’m consoling myself that as it’s New Years Eve tomorrow I’ll be up super late anyway tomorrow, so ‘fixing’ my sleeping tonight was never going to be that practical. All the same I’m at 10pm – again – and have written nothing yet – again. That’s not fantastic to be honest, and were it not for a certain twist, I’d be annoyed.

Despite it being ten degrees centigrade in the flat, it’s almost tidy again. Front room and kitchen are sorted, bedroom just needs clothes hung and put into wash, and office is almost there too. That’s worth more to me than afternoon target by a long way. It means I have my flat back at long last, after every inch of free time since August got stolen by other causes and illnesses.

TSS is at 80K and I’m about to write the penultimate chapter, if you exclude the epilogue. I do, because I view prologes and epilogues as “necessary extras” rather than part of the story itself. It’s why I rarely include the former. Well I say rarely, 2 out of 4 of my books have one. But I’m not making a habit of that, and TFS won’t have one.

It’s still a good note to be closing the year on. When I write TSS today it’ll be 65 days straight I’ve written it as main content. If – and it’s a huge if – I keep the chain going until February, then it’ll have lasted a fifth of the entire length of 1K. That’s insane. This time last year, half my 1K days were braindumps into Google Docs. Goes to show where persistance gets you.