December 26th, 2019 – 456

As you might imagine, it has been a pretty busy couple of days for me here. I’ve managed to turn out a lot of TSS content and still chained each 1K as 100% TSS. I’m, reasonably relaxed. Christmas has been nice across the three-day celebration it morphed into this year, and tomorrow will be a nice quietish day where I should, fingers crossed, get some cards in the post of the Magic variety. It’s the time of year I have to specify that, though late Christmas cards would also be nice. I never send any, not sure why. I should try and do better on that next year.

Got a biblical amount of Bourbon to tide me over to, at least Saturday. Woodford Reserve is a nice whisky that helps give me a bit of a needed bite. Trying to make it last so spending a while on each glass – I drink it straight and no ice – taking in the aroma before I drink. It’s a treat and helps me relax into a bout of writing. Of course, it is a depressant too, so I should either balance it out with a coffee or ride the spike on drinking until I have my target, then rest. I see alcohol and coffee as vital writing tools because without them I am at risk of becoming a non-stereotype. Dun dun dun. Ok, I may have had a little too much earlier.

Tough chapter I’m finishing tonight. Chapter 42 takes a big departure in structure, not only to present exposition but to take us into the mind of a whole other character. This is a weird curve for me because I’m used to being inside one of two character’s heads for almost the entire story. It’s also been a long day so the idea of diving into that is a little bit eugh, but I can power through that. I mean I have to, that’s how this writing dealio works. All the same I think a coffee might not be the worst idea right now. Instant though, I need simple right now.