December 20th, 2019 – 450

What a day to finish work on. 450 days of 1K. Ok it’s getting cliche for me to go “how the @&£$ is this still going??” but come on, we’re close to half a thousand days. Well, in a way that’s not true, not the being close to a thousand but the amazement it’s lasted is, well less so now. This is the new normal. I have no way of knowing if a thousand of main story content every day is the new normal, but a thousand in general is. Sleeping, eating well, all the typical maintenance tasks of  life pale compared to 1K. I can forget each from time to time, but I never forget my thousand.

Saying that, haven’t written it yet today. This has been a sweep up day of closing what leftover tasks I have. And making sure those I need to pick up after Christmas are in Trello as well of course. Star Wars tonight, and then I’m going to try and have a restful and quiet holiday. No illness, no election, no drama or horrors. If I can avoid all that I will call it a success. TSS is in the home stretch, and who knows, when rested up I may do a huge chunk of it at once. But no pressure. This break is about recovery.

Here’s to 450 more days of this lifechanging magic.