December 14th, 2019 – 444

I only just clocked that day 450 is going to be coming up really soon. That’s a really weird thought, not because it’s a big number though it is, but because that means this “TSS Streak” has lasted for over a 10th of 1K. That’s insane, and I’ve got to wonder what that means going forwards. I’m not hung up on breaking the streak, but is this really the new normal?

What’s fascinating is if I write TSS today – about to – and tomorrow, that becomes a 9th of 1K. I was happy with a 70% efficiancy rating and here I am with 50 days of 100%. I doubt it’ll last all the way to the new year, but it doesn’t need to to be truly mind-blowing. It’s helped so much with the stress at the end of this year filled with change.

That all said, I’m super knackered, so I better get right to it if I’m going to get a decent night’s sleep.