December 13th, 2019 – 443

Goes to show how stressful polling day is that I forgot to hit publish on that last post after writing it. Not going to dwell too long on that, my suspicion was accurate, it’s sad but not unexpected. One of those things we need to put right when we can. But hey, that’s the nature of democracy. I have my strong disagreements with several of its tenants, but I believe in the need for it, and feel you have to show it respect especially when it comes to a result you don’t like. It wasn’t like if I’d gotten the outcome I wanted for the town my grievances with the system would be any less.

On writing, I still, somehow, wrote TSS yesterday. This whilst – oh yeah small thing, I may have fractured my arm. Probably not but I’m keeping an eye on it. If I type whilst keeping it as rigid as possible for now that avoids the pain, so I think it’s more a bruise or sprain. Still, bit crunchier in the noises it’s making than I usually like my bones to be. As you might expect from the lateness of this post, I slept in. Well, I slept at 7am until 2:30pm, so seven and a half hours, which isn’t fantastic, but I spent the day resting up. That means I still need to write.

Honestly, I thought I would fail to write TSS yesterday, or even write one of those long rambling Google Docs of my thoughts I used to do before writing long rambling blog posts. To be fair, this doesn’t count towards target; those old ones did, hence my distaste. I will write TSS now, but I think it’ll be lacing 1K into existing chapters. The scene I need to write is intense and important, and I want to be more awake to tackle it. Who knows though, I might change my mind when I open the doc. Wish me luck, and sorry about not hitting ‘publish’. I know it’s rare that happens and you, my dear imaginary readers, are, well imaginary. It’s about integrity though.