December 8th, 2019 – 438

About had a heart attack again today seeing my last post was the 7th. As much as I love my Fitbit, I hate that the date is in American format. If I can change that I have not yet – in 8 months – looked up how. This was the second of these minor heart attacks of wondering where entries for the 8th to the 11th were – thinking the day was the 12th today. That’s because I have already journaled. Yeah, I did today in the wrong order.

I’m keeping this short so I can sleep, but another 1,200 words of TSS, as near as makes no difference 55k now. 75k is my minimum, so I am 20k off with 23 days to go. Again, if you’d told me that when I was suffering from a chest infection overlapping a migraine a month and a half ago in mid-October, I would have slapped you. So I’m pretty happy. But in the end, I’ll only be able to relax after the actual 12th of this month. You better believe that unlike for TSS, my mantra for this week is “Let’s get this over with…”


On that note, goodnight.