December 4th, 2019 – 434

Not having a great mental day today. I keep failing to get 8 hours a night and it’s draining me. I’m on top of my queue, but I’m struggling to keep my head in the moment. This is classic stress, and to be blunt it’d be a miracle if I didn’t feel like this. It’s eight days until an election, a General Election no less. Plus Christmas, non-work-non-writing projects and normal life. The world doesn’t pause when an election gets called.

I’m expecting a non-story-content writing day any day now. It may even be a good idea to write 1K as something else on the day before or day itself. I haven’t missed a day this month yet – less impressive than November given I’m 3 days in, but I’ve kept my 1,100 average. I’m not hung up on maintaining that; I was hoping for a 66% efficiancy with TSS up to New Year. That modest goal only needs a week’s worth of writing TSS in this stretch to reach. 

I’m going to get back to work now.