December 3rd, 2019 – 433

Had a small relapse into old ways tonight by ordering in food. I did enjoy it, so it was not a waste like a lot of times I’ve done it in the past, but it was also a huge mistake. It’s a stark reminder if one was ever needed that there are still deep cracks in my mental health. On the flip side, it was my first take out order in about 7 weeks, so that counts as a minor win. One to reflect on and try to learn from, rather than get stuck dwelling about. 

I wrote 1,300 on my phone of all places yesterday. I do not like writing on my phone as much, in part because it feels weird to me to create content there. But that’s me being an old fogie. In Japan novels written on and for phones have been around for decades. Most of WattPad I’d wager is phone written content – be interesting if there was any way to test that? 

I won’t be making the switch yet, but there is an interesting advantage: it is the most portable option. Phone writing means you can plug in and crank out content anywhere and any time. Alongside AI writing I do believe it is the future of the written genre, and one to adapt to if you want to survive. The funny thing is that reading on digital platforms is in steep decline compared to print and audio. That latter option is by far the route I want to explore the most.

It’s going to be a long nine days. If I can keep my head, things will be ok no matter what happens. So far, I’m confident I will. But stranger things have happened. I’m staying on guard.