December 2nd, 2019 – 432

December touch wood is off to a good start. Work is still under control, and TSS is now at 47,000 words. If I wrote a thousand every day of December – which I am not going to bend over backwards to do – TSS will reach done by year’s end. That was the adjusted deadline, so to only have to move that benchmark once is pretty huge. I average 3-4 pushbacks, and TSS lost a lot of time to VOL’s rewrite. WHT is quite lucky not to have met a similar fate.

I’ve made my decision. The First Stroke will not be handwritten. I still feel this is a mistake, but there’s a few factors at play here. First, the time saving of typing vs full rewrite is huge. Yes, I know that the reason I do that is to get it right. But I have other reasons to pick this particular story for this little experiment. So the second reason I’m going to do it this way, is because I don’t have the story concrete yet. I lost a month rewriting the opening of WHT in April. Starting again is painful, but a lot of what I wrote in draft 1 I kept in draft 2.

Will this become the norm going forwards? Well if I were to write full time, I would switch back in a heartbeat. But in the short term this ends up making a heck of a lot more sense. Seeing as I won’t even start writing this book for over three months, I may backtrack. But if I do I’ll need to be keeping my current writing pace to justify it, ot to be blunt, a lot faster. Is this an artistic compromise? Kind of, but it’s also me trying to loosen the leach that I put on myself. It’s a step of maturity in a way, trusting myself to be objective in my editing. 

If I go ahead like this, then next year’s key days are:

  • January 1st – Switch to typing WHT regardless of progress with TSS
  • April 13th – Switch to TSS whilst uploading WHT
  • & – When TSS at 100%, switch to TFS, ideal would be April 15th
  • August 13th – Switch to The Wanderer*
  • December 13th – Switch to TWR

So what’s the asterix about? Well, I will see what my pace is like by this time in the year. If I am still on my current roll, and this is the new normal, then I will do NaNoWriMo 2020. My entry? The Wanderer. If I could get the whole thing done in a month and never have to look at it again, I’d be over the moon. So I actually write TWR from August 13th, and in 4 months excluding November I should finish it. That’d be 3 new novels plus a new typed one in WHT. It would put my library at 6 typed manuscripts, and would be all my uploads up until February 2022 good to go. If I used 2021 in a smart way, I would have all but the last three books ready. That gets me to July 2023.

And if I somehow pull that off, I finish the series by the end of 2022, a whole year ahead of deadline. I’m still handwriting The End of the Line no matter what, but damn. There’s a lot to gain this way. I need to think more, but to have it all in the can and be able to tweak all 14 books to perfection on the side in three years? That’s a pretty sweet Christmas present to myself. After that, jeez it might be time to start planning what comes next with a bit more urgency…