November 30th, 2019 – 430

Stayed up far too late last night, as I knew I would. That kind of screwed up my plans for today a little. I wanted to write at 9-10am, nail target, then go out and see friends. Alas, I failed. Now I’m setting off at 12 instead, because I wrote 11 till just now. But that’s it, I wrote a thousand words of TSS, and with that, achieved the perfect month. Sure, it’s not NaNoWriMo 50,000, but 34,000 without breaking a sweat is pretty huge for me.

It also means if this pace keeps up – no guaranteed thing remember – then I will finish TSS before the year is out. If you’d told me that in October with how badly I stumbled I think I would have slapped you. I mean yes, I might not finish before year’s end, but I’ve put such a huge dent in the project that there won’t be a metric ton left to do by that point. Even now it’s only 30k~ off completion.

I’m keeping this short because I want to go and see my friends now, but man can I just say, I have not had a great November, or even a good one really, since like the mid 2000s. Even with the GE BS looming, and the heartbreak that I see as all but inevitable, I’m feeling empowered. This is a great feeling. And when I read an old journal entry from January this year saying “I wonder where this will end up”, I could never have dreamed of this. This, is worth so much more to me than publication ever would be.