November 29th, 2019 – 429

Today was a bit of a special case. Before work even started, I wrote target. In part a good night’s sleep helped that, but also a feeling of mellow calm. I found it from taking all the worry, all the dread, all the angst, and dropping it for more pleasent thoughts. That sounds stupid and simplistic, but it worked. I focused on some new cards for the cube I have on the way, and put the rest of the world out of mind. Doing that banked me 8 hours 47 minutes of sleep, and a thousand words before lunch. Can’t argue much with that.

This weekend will be busy, but if I can do this again – which requires an early night to do so – then I should be fine. Given I only have to do my journal entry and that I can do that on my lunch break, this should be easy to coast to. It also means I can leave work on time, which is a big deal on a Friday as I have to leave the building sooner anyway. The only question then is, do I go to the shop? The only acceptable answer to that I can see is no.

If I go to the shop, I have to pay up about £12 for travel, entry, and food. The latter is because I don’t want to be making food when I get home at like, 11pm and I’ve already talked myself into going. Damn it! Whyyyyyy? I knew writing out my thoughts was a stupid idea! Ok so that’s BS, its always a good idea but  now I have to go. Well, more I now have to accept I want to go, but you get the idea. I mean, at least I packed my bag I guess? I’ll go get it at lunch. Damn it…