November 27th, 2019 – 427

Despite finishing target at 5pm yesterday – a big deal – I slept bad. Well, not bad-bad, so much as I should have banked a 10 hour night with a lazy morning. As it is, I had a normal morning and scraped 8 hours by the barest margin. A mix of my head being screwy and medicating it with gin, rum, whisky. The trifecta if you will, if you wanted to bet on three things that would make me feel better, and sleep much, much worse. Well I, in that metaphor I don’t know if I’m winning the bet or losing it. Regardless, I’m feeling like I lost, which is not a great feeling at all.

The good news on the work front is I’m still on top of my queue. I’m getting the work done and not taking it home in my head, so can’t ask for much more than that. The specter of the GE is what’s making me need to ‘medicate’ when I go home. I’m being careful not to burn myself out with it, but its presence is like a mental chest infection; it keeps me pinned. If I had a coping model that ever worked for the GE I wouldn’t swear so much when they get called. What can you do though; if you care about having decent representatives you can’t ignore it. 

So writing, kinda came up above in that mess, but TSS banked another 1,600 words yesterday. 600 of those were after I got home, and felt like putting a dent in the next chapter. I’ve found if I leave myself either mid scene or even mid sentence, it’s easier to jump back in. I still do about half a chapter a day with my thousand words, but if I chip off a dozen from the next chapter: no blank page. In this case, I kept going. By doing so, TSS hit without my intention to do so, 40,000 words. That means it’s now longer than the first draft in 2014, so a pretty special milestone. This is even moreso when you consider only a handful of those words are post-midpoint. 

There are four days left this month. I don’t have an urge to sprint to those days, because that’s the beauty of 1K. When I’m on a roll, I feel motivated to chain days, not sprint for more and more and more each day. It keeps me balanced and stops the more obsessive part of my brain from running amock. Sure I have blips, 1K+ being the most notable example and kinda the final boss of year 1. But on the whole, I manage to keep myself chipping. And when I have a day like yesterday with 600 extra words, I smile, nod, then move on to do a thousand. Just a thousand.