November 26th, 2019 – 426

Had my work account migrated today. It’s funny, the only issue I’ve had is so benign that any outsider would call it a huge success. That is, any outsider who can stomach a fixed homepage. Not only that, but the most hideous blemish on the modern webscape. I’m being melodramatic, but I like clean. I don’t set homepages. I like the new tab landing page on Chrome, and even nice websites look tacky in comparason to that. And this, well it looked tacky in a vacuum. ‘But Sam, what if someone at work read thi-‘ GOOD. Fix it.

Sorry I needed to get that off my chest. UX is a big deal for me, and my training sessions all emphasise the same message. That is, workers are more productive when they are in control of their workspace. Fixed homepages are the antithisis of this. It’s the equivilant of replacing family desk photos with little posters that say “WORK. MORE. FAST.” Again, hyperbole but to prove a point. The one saving grace is that I can set my background to whatever I like, so at least that is within my grasp. This is all cosmetic, but it makes a difference. 

Wow ok so borderline dangerous rant about work aside, I’m good. I stayed late last night to fix the little gremlins that come with a network move or new PC set up in general. That meant I wrote at home instead, which I did, at 11pm. I’m not on a full night’s sleep, 6 hours 45  minutes is a pretty grim total but it is what it is. There’s an open event tonight at the college, but I’ve put in several hours overtime this month so I may give that a miss. Better to focus on my actual job and get that done to a high standard. That’s a hill I’m willing to die on, or at least kinda pass out.

Even with the late night writing, I still turned out 1K of TSS. I was in a foul mood though so I don’t know how good the writing itself is. I’d have to reread it, and I try not to do that until the whole work is in the can for the next stage. You can get a thousand words by tinkering, it’s not even hard. But it does not bring you closer to the end of the story, no matter how much it may feel like it. That’s a rabbit hole I do my best to avoid. It won’t have been that bad, but all the same it’ll get fixed, so better to focus on the road ahead instead. 

I’m under a lot of pressure at the moment inside my head. I should focus more on how in the real world, I’ve dismissed almost all negative pressures. To be blunt I am in full control of my life, to the extent anyone in my bracket could be, and more than that in some respects. But until I have this term, this election, and this year in the metaphorical can too, I won’t find it easy to switch off. That finish line is in the headlights as of the end of this week. 

Old and dear friend’s birthday today. Hope they are ok.