November 25th, 2019 – 425

Last week of November, so if this month is going to be sneaky and trip me up, this is when it will do it. Yes I know that I am putting my paranoia on show, but in fairness I got it down to pretty much this without medication. Trust me, it was far, far worse in the past; the joys of an obsessive mindset. But as things stand, I should be fine. I’m not even letting the election get to me now I’m more involved. I’m still pessemistic as all hell but I’ve made my peace with what I see as the most likely outcome. What’s left of my supersitition keeps me from putting that in writing here.

What is proving easy to put in writing continues to be TSS. I wrote yesterday about how if I got a 1,500 word day between then and December, that November would end up my best month. That is assuming I also write a thousand words of TSS each day. Well guess what, as soon as I finished writing that entry, I wrote 1,500 words of TSS. So, go me. Yes this is the one month that even those with a lot less experience and routine than me will write 50K words. Even so, writing 33K without breaking a sweat is pretty neat. And who knows, I may write 10K today and pull off an accidental NaNoWriMo. I doubt it, but it would be funny.

So what’s the plan ahead? Well that does not need to change too much. If I miss out on TSS by the 31st by a few thousand words then I will still drop it, move on to typing WHT, then resume afterwards. If I finish TSS sooner than that, I will do PNG. What’s that. you can’t see that project in the list? That’s because that’s A Planet Named George, and well, it’s a short story so it’s not going in that list. I have not decided how to display those kinds of projects. Could be I decide to jump into WHT instead too, so we will see. That is a story I want to write though and well, no time like the present. Or near future in this case.