November 24th, 2019 – 424

No last minute blog entry tonight. I hate when I upload at the final moment of a day, and it manages to tick over so that the date on the entry does not match the date in the title. I know I am the only person who even sees these posts but it feels bad. Kinda like I do right now if I’m being honest with myself. I couldn’t even make myself actual food tonight, so just ate the top up snacks that were meant to last the week. Way to go me.

This is to be fair the reason I don’t buy biscuits. Or, well any real junk food for that matter. If I do, I’ll eat it all right away and feel even worse than I would have mixing it in throughout my week. I have no one to blame for this except myself for chaining two late nights. As to why I had two 3am finish lines, well I don’t know. Stress I guess? Stress at having to deal with an election and my dip in health, though I feel for the most part past the latter. If I keep eating trash that won’t last long.

Haven’t written yet. I still haven’t dropped a day of TSS, and yesterday made that four weeks straight. That means that it became my most productive month-equivalent ever, if we work on a 28 day minimum model. As it stands I see a fair chance of a second 1,500 day this month so if that happens, November 2019 claims the title of most productive month ever. Sure I have written 5k, 10k and even a 20k day in the past, but those bursts were among no-words lands of silence. I do wonder if my stress is linked to this but honestly I don’t see writing as stressful anymore. If anything it’s one of my luxuries in and of itself.

So we reach an interesting point today: I like my stories to sit at 75K, and that would put the midpoint of TSS in today’s writing, which actually matches up quite well with what I’ve written and the chapter I’m midway through. I feel pretty confident this story is working in a way that I don’t think the original did for me. It’s nice to feel the plot and characters come to life, and to feel a lot more emotional investment. I hope when I do my Showtime edits of TUS and VOL that I can sprinkle some of that fairydust.