November 22nd, 2019 – 422

It’s been a long week, but I managed to keep my head on straight. I’m writing this a few hours later than usual as I have engrossed myself in task to task today. If I get that flow going I don’t like to break it. It’s the same reason I write 1,056 words or there abouts most days I’m writing main story content. When in a total sense of swing I can sail past 2K. I get that pretty often at work, which is why if I write full time one day my estimate would be about six to eight novels a year. I intend to get to that point anyway in time, but you can see why that would maximise my capability.

TSS is still going strong. I have a decent idea what I want the new midpoint/false victory to be and I’m not far off writing it. That all said, I do have some anxiety that I’ll end up in the weeds if I make it what I’m planning to. That is because it’s a somewhat mellow midpoint. For this story though it kind of needs to be, a major theme of the story is escaping chaos and the overwhelming. Still, this is subject to change as I rewrite it again nearer to publication. But for now I’m happy with the story, and enjoying the flow. 

When I do get around to doing a Showtime edit, discussed in an earlier post, I have a lot of work to do. I’ve been rereading VOL as I  upload, and while my writing is readable and flows well, I need to evoke a lot more. This is one of the last big hurdles I need to clear before I can call myself a “good” writer. Until I do, I see myself as an ok one, a step above amateur but not by a huge leap. This whole process is about getting better at the craft, but I hope I get past this obstacle soon. My fear of purple prose means I don’t delve anywhere near deep enough for the stories I want to tell.