November 21st, 2019 – 421

This week has been a challenging one from a personal and professional standpoint. New systems at work mean teething issues, and me needing to internalise new routines. On this front I’ve been exemplorary. That’s not big headed, I stuffed well over a thousand envelopes in the course of one work day, got them all posted out. I also did so while managing the helpdesk for those letters as requests flew in. It’s been hard, but I can hold my head up high.

And on my writing, well pretty much the same story. I still haven’t had a single day this month where 1K wasn’t 1,000 or more words of TSS. When considering November’s boogyman status for me in the past it gets better. It also goes to show I need to be a lot less superstitious. I’ve been this way my whole life, but 1K showed me any day can be a good day, and a Month is a collection of days, nothing more. I don’t have to fall apart because it’s November.

In the space of a month, with 10 days pinched from the end of October, I have written 33,000 words. That’s a new 30 day record. It’s not NaNoWriMo or anything, but to be fair, that’s only counting my main content. My total word count including the stuff I either exclude from 1K or otherwise comes after is about 48,000. I’m not aiming for 50k months, not while I have a full time job anyway. But this is heartening. The great news is it isn’t burning me out to keep this chain up. In fact, it doesn’t feel like a ‘chain’ at all. It feels like, well, 1K.

Today is a bit of an odd one. I want to write target on my lunch break, because I am going to be out tonight with dad. Going out at 5 takes away my prime 5-6 writing window, and while that’s not a problem, it does set up a potential one. Each night I have managed to get enough sleep as I am pushing myself to shut down sooner. That is going to get a bit pushed back tonight anyway, but if I also have to write target when I get home? I’ll burn out in an instant under those conditions. So rather than headspace I’m putting writing into that bloc today.

I’m combining this with a housecleaning time at work. I have a queue of tasks that for whatever reason have pushed further and further back in my workload. Several of these tasks are so called “quick wins”, and I need to get them done to maintain professional face. So as well as remodeling my lunch break, I am also pushing all incoming work to next week. This is, well something I dislike doing. I like to try and get tasks done as fast as possible, so I dislike even the most necessary pushback. But of course, oh irony of ironies, that is what I have done to these tasks. So for now it’s time to get my head down into some markbooks and assorted requests. Gonna be an intense day. Wish me luck.