November 20th, 2019 – 420 (nice)

Wow I am not on form today. So far I’ve managed to send an email early by mistake – curse you CTRL-Enter! I’ve also gotten lost helping someone on a call, left half a markbook switched off and, well that’s it. I’m so tired though it feels like I’ve broken everything. This was, not my fault to be honest. I went to bed at 10, which is becoming the new normal. My quality of sleep was abysmal though. If I’d had a Rennie I bet I’d have slept fine, but shoulda woulda coulda. 

My actual work is under control, it’s only my head that isn’t. I’m experiencing the joys of sleep derp vs caffene. I’ve long since figured out having a lot of coffee is fine for me – the indigestion last night was food related. The problem is, coffee is an enhancer for me, not a replacement for sleep. It heightens whatever my current sense is, and right now that’s bleugh. That’s why after two coffees I still feel rough as ever. Not ideal, but if I am careful then within the hour I’ll be back on form. That’s because like my writing, I pace my work. If I don’t sprint for a bit, do a few chip-n-done tasks, I’ll be alright.

I made a decision about my writing schedule that won’t come back to bite me at all. I found that VOL will finish uploading to WattPad on April 4th, but that I don’t start WHT until April 11th. That means the 8th has no scheduled content, and I didn’t know what to do about that. Then I decided to say “screw it”, and lifted “A Planet Named George” out of my Want to do list. I now have a task on Trello to upload the entire story, planned at 12,000 words, on the 8th. That’s a bit insane, but here’s how I see it: it is a short story. It isn’t main project. It’s a bit of fun, and if I finish TSS in good time, it gives me a buffer before I launch into another huge project.

I also love the story. It’s silly, but emotional too. It’s the kind of tale that, done right, could be my break out moment. I’ll upload it as its own story rather than in “Misc Short Stories”, and put the whole thing up at once as a 10-12 chapter story. Call it a practice run for when I put up WAN all in one go. Does that count as a pun? I don’t even know at this point, depends if you pronounce the codes. I tend to call VOL “vol” but TSS “tee-ess-ess”. And how would you pronounce WHT? Like, whut? Ok that was a pun and I need to stop and get back to work now.