November 19th, 2019 – 419

When I get a chance, what I want to do is to go through all my published content, and do a bit “showtime”. That is, a series of edits where I reread the work, and try and spot where I’m doing too much dense “telling”. Show don’t tell is a worn our – and at times inaccurate – trope, but I am pretty sure I still have a ways to go on this one. At worst, a reflective task on my descriptions and evoking of senses would be a useful excersise.

That brings my “Want to do” list on Trello to 51 cards, and I don’t know how to feel about that. This list is the one I expect to bulge and go on and on. In a way that should be a good thing: I’m overflowing with ideas. At the same time, I am aware how much in that list I’m itching to do, and that I won’t for ages yet because of my have-tos. I guess this is a normal angst to have when it comes to productivity and yearning in general. Even so, I wish I could barrel through that list and do a ton of it right now.

It used to be normal for the Want to do list to be 25 cards, so this marks more than double the old normal. Of note, this does not even include the three stories in my effective “Want to write” column. That is: “A Planet Named George”, “Magic: the Squirreling” and “The Write Way”. I intend to write all three, but with both my job and my main stories, they’re either a long way off, or I need a fresh approach. So I guess what I’m mulling today is how do I make more time for my “Want to do”s? And well, I don’t have an answer for that.

On the plus side, I have continued making progress with TSS. I was feeling drained by 5pm yesterday and still wrote another thousand words of the story. We’re about to enter a stretch of the unknown though, as the original skipped a lot of the middle time. That was because I used to “rush” stories, and did not understand the whole point of most stories is that “fun and games.” I decided to skim this because I didn’t get how to write engaging stories. Now I get it, but there’s a lot to come up with. I have some ideas, some intriguing, some adorable. I guess we will see what lands.

I’m saying “I guess” a lot today. That’s not a good sign. When I do that, it often means I’m low or about to burn out. I don’t get the feeling as if that’s about to happen if that makes sense, but I guess we will see.