November 17th, 2019 – 417

Writing a first draft is always a strange experience. You create brand new scenes. You imagine whole different worlds. You find characters leap off the page that you never realised you needed to read before. And as you read the words you’re writing, only one word can describe it:


The more I embrace that, and how most problems not only should be finished in post, but can only be tweaked there, the easier the words come. I haven’t written yet today but I feel pretty confident what I’ll write is TSS. I think my “too long streaks” burnout came from trying to make draft one good. I need to stop doing that.

This weekend saw one big plus. I now have a whiskey I like. As a bonus it’s Jim Beam, so not going to break the bank on this. Also I’m now going to go out campaigning on Thursday at last. Feel like I’m more or less back on my feet.