November 16th, 2019 – 416

Yeah I think if I had tried to do a full on campaigning day today I’d have regretted it, I am still not on my feet again yet. I don’t feel too bad about that if only because I mean, what can I do? If I push myself too much I’ll get ill again and won’t be of use in the last week. The last three weeks are the real impact ones, because you have postal votes arriving for people and undecided voters are starting to engage more and the like. There’s no sense burning myself out before that comes to pass or I’ll end up being of no use at all.

My writing, well that’s not going great so far today. On the one hand, it’s not like I’ve written before 3PM in weeks now, but still. Given I have no solid commitments, it’d be nice if my motivation could kick in sooner rather than later so I don’t have to stay up to write. I’ve been wondering whether publishing half my chapters on Saturdays – and thus reminding myself in stark terms how few people are reading my work – is behind my lack of willpower. In spite of myself I am starting to get a bit too hung up on views. It doesn’t help that I haven’t done a review binge or writing contest in weeks given work has taken up all my excess energy.

Whoops forgot to hit post on this at 12, my bad.