November 14th, 2019 – 414

This week has been about as smooth as a week can be. It is almost as if the mess of sick leave and annual leave taken to try and prevent sick leave rested me up. That’s not true at all, because before this week I was a wreck. It’s all because I have gotten enough routine sleep each night. Shows that if 1K is my bedrock, then enough sleep is, well whatever is the thing right above bedrock. Don’t shame me I’m not a geologist. Bedrock to me is that annoying block that makes killing the Wither in Minecraft a heck of a lot easier.

A quick Google search showed me that I am not alone in that, which makes sense. You know in real life bedrock is pretty darn breakable, even if it puts up a fight. I should pick a different substance to represent absolute. Strange matter springs to mind: it’s dense enough, and we suspect it consumes all it touches. 1K does that and then some. It does not cause an apocolypse though so, eh. Is that such a bad thing? As you can tell I’m in a bit of an airhead mood today.

Writing TSS today would make 19 days in a row of that project for target. What I am about to write is the kind of thing that messes up the best laid plans, but here goes: I can finish TSS by New Years Day. There, I said it, now it won’t happen. It feels a bit odd to lay it out there like this, but I analysed my structure, and there’s no avoiding this: TSS should be 80K. This does mean that it will be less chapters than my other stories, but act one ended at the 24K mark. I will cut the story back to be more lean. If act 2 is the same length as 1 and 3 combined, my normal model, and I cut the drudge back near the start, that makes 20K. 20 times 4 is, well you get the idea.

That may fall apart if I redo my story points, or weight the events in a different way. But it’s nice to have a plan. Plan for now is the same as every day this week. I’ll work till 5, switch to writing at 5, and try and finish before I have to leave the building. Here’s hoping. Back to it.