November 13th, 2019 – 413

My mental health is not being all that nice to me. Even while I start climbing out of the ditch I’m in, it’s still using every hook it can to drag me back down again. I am managing to work more coffee into my routine, and that’s my most effective antidepressent. I’m tempted to go grab some food, because I skipped actual dinner yesterday as I was cleaning. It’ll eat into my budget but I should still be ok. Now I give this some thought, no wonder I’m feeling shakey today. I’m not the best on picking up on my own signals.

I am on a 17 day streak of writing TSS as 1K, so have banked in the process including the extras, around 19,000 words. That is decent given my usual hurdle of 10K roadblocks. In a way, typing is helping my mental process a lot too. Hand writing is tough, laborious, and on the whole is more difficult. There’s merit in handwriting, but I should experiment. I may type the first draft of The First Stroke, to see if that affects the quality. It’s important to challenge my assumptions about what works best. It also means I will get the story done sooner. 

I’m gonna go get some food. Here’s hoping it helps.