November 3rd, 2019 – 403

I need to stop posting these so late. The one saving grace is that I have written target – once again of TSS making 8 days in a row – and I’ll be going right to bed. Even so I should have been asleep for half an hour by now. It’ll have to do. I am feeling better, and I think the best thing for me right now is to be back at work, even if I do still feel pretty weak. Part of that will be from being housebound for such a long time.

I’m not feeling stressed which is good. Having basically been off work for 15 days with one day in the middle of that where I was “in” work, but not functioning, I would expect to be on edge tonight. In contrast, even with the GE in the background causing me anxiety I am holding up much better than I expected to be. And I have to say my writing is coming easy at the moment, which I don’t mean to jinx but is such a nice change.

I do have one hold up over TSS though. I haven’t gone through and checked my gut that the story beats are all in the right places. I have a feeling that my catalyst moment is about a chapter too late, and that I’m going to run out of the “fun and games”, which is not a good feeling. I shouldn’t, because I have an A story and a B story that compliment each other, and should get a lot of intrigue from weaving them. I think that will end up being engaging reading when it’s done. But I have to fret about it at some point, might as well be as I write it.

So the point I’ve written up to in my printed version of the old story was page 40, and my Google Doc is on page 38. That sounds shorter, until you consider that the former is double spaced, and the doc I’m working on is single spaced. In reality, I’ve only added 2,500 words to what was there before, and based on that rate I will only hit 55k, not the goal of 75-80k. I think the fun and games is what this OG version lacked, and that’ll be where 20k magically appears. So I guess what I’m saying is in the closing days of this month we’ll see how solid this rewrite is.

It’s a good thing nothing of biblical stress is happening in the last few days of November into early December amirite? *sigh*…