November 2nd, 2019 – 402

Health didn’t quite get to where it needed to for me to go leafleting. That was exasabated by torrential rain, and I’m pretty sure even with a coat is have bought myself a few days of avoidable bed-rest if I’d gone out in that. I’m still sad I couldn’t but when I’m back at work on Monday I’m hoping that’ll give me the motivational push I need.

Speaking of motivation I still need to write. This is a tricky subject because while yes I do need to write my thousand words, pushing for it to be TSS when I’m tired may backfire. On the flip side it would mark seven consecutive days of main story content, so that is an alluring prospect. But either way I need to do it soon or I will be too tired to write anything worth the effort. Seeing as I’ll have to write such tripe in that instance I’d rather not waste today.

Got a lot to manage at the moment, but my first priority for tomorrow will be getting a lot of rest, as I want to be in fighting shape for being back at work. What I wouldn’t give for a shot of rum right now. Funny thing is I’m pretty sure I have half a hipflask somewhere. But procrastinating looking for it feels like about the worst use of my time right now. That, and antibiotics might not play nice…