October 24th, 2019 – 393

I never realised just how disorientating coughing is compared to other ailments. You lose the day, all of it, it’s unreal. As it is, I managed even whilst not at full lucidity to do all the penultimate edits for VOL, and I’m about to run the whole thing through Hemingway. Short post tonight as this is gonna take awhile. Wish me luck.


hemingwayapp.com < use it.

October 23rd, 2019 – 392

Still feel rough but it’s just a cough. This I can work with. I’m going to keep resting up and doing more of the same. But tonight is going to be, quite special. I’m uploading two chapters to WattPad, and not just any two. The latter, is the epilogue. Tonight, we bring The Unreachable Star to its end. I don’t know what edits might be made in future, but tonight is the culmination of a journey I’ve now been on for over seven years.

But, no culmination at all, because the best is yet to come.

October 22nd, 2019 – 391

Target done. Ok I wanna talk for a minute about “Target done”; for a few days now I’ve only written this entry after 1K, and while yes that’s what I started off doing, and I never really laid a firm rule of when to write this, when I’m doing it so late at night that feels off. I mean yes I can write 1K at 5AM if I really want to – I never want to, what kind of psycho would? But this blog feels like more of a starter, a warm up if you will. Well anyway, point is I am going to try and write these earlier, as I can’t write this at 5AM.

So what I wrote today was the rest of Chapter one of The Spectrum Sings, or TSS as I have and will continue to refer to it. I feel right at home with this story, and feel I’ve hot the ground running with a strong opening, full of intrigue, questions, action, and of course my protagonist’s saving the cat moment. Can’t ask for too much more than that so I am pretty darn happy. I’d be happier if my cough was gone, but now I have the single greatest medicine known to, well, me: Boots Pharmaceuticals Glycerin Honey & Lemon Linctus. Live in the UK? Have a cough/sore throat? Buy it. Trust me, it’s gold. No really, it’s even golden in colour.

In case it’s not obvious I am still delirious from illness so imma go say sleep sleep now. Bye.

October 21st, 2019 – 390

I am in so much discomfort that I’ve had to cave and use up four extra days of holiday to recover. Six days of peace, for me to – I really hope – start to feel less like banging my head against the wall until I pass out, the only reliable way I can think to get some sleep right now. I’ve not slept well in four days, and at all in half of those. This is so infuriating but again, I have time to recover, getting annoyed will only make it worse.

I’m keeping these brief while I’m ill because writing a thousand words is hard enough when you bend over in a nauseous coughing fit every three minutes. I’ll try and make them more than two lines though; that was when the migraine ruled the roost, and I think you can imagine what looking at a screen was like. Imagine writing a thousand words of that.

October 20th, 2019 – 389

Target done.

Migraines can suck a big one.

But who cares because, at last, VOL is done! Well, not edited but complete! I got just enough of a gap in the hostilities upstairs – and I hope it’s over by now dear god – that I could end the type up. I know all the edits I need to make, I have them on Trello, and I have a schedule to release on. What more could I ask for?

Well, I’m going to ask, for god’s sake can thisĀ stupid migraine go away already. Sure, I’ve had longer migraines, and I’ve had migraines that came close in pain, butĀ three days of my most painful one ever? What did I do to deserve that? You know, besides work myself to death on my day job making this all but inevitable. I need to try and relax at work more. Overcompensating is fine until it gives you a heart attack.

Right, so I missed upload on TUS again, but I feel the migraine is a good excuse. If you’ll forgive me though I’m going to prioritise that right now, then sleep.