October 30th, 2019 – 399

Another quiet day of being ill, another small step closer to recovery. Haven’t written yet but will soon. Back has started acting up, never one to be left out of the “pile on Sam for the heck of it” brigade. But I think I’ll be better by the weekend with a pinch of luck.

…just in time to go leafleting. And no I’m not joking, that’s what I plan on doing this weekend if I’m well enough. I can be a moron at times. Most of the time if I’m honest. But what can you do, I didn’t set the election date. Time to pick myself up and get on with it.

It’s funny, tomorrow will be 400 days of 1K and I’ve not really given it a second thought. The GE and CI – and I’m not sure which one is causing me greater discomfort right now – have kinda eclipsed everything else. I guess this is why I love 1K. It’s easy for something to happen if it’s my sole focus or I’m forced into it. When it’s background, and optional, and I still do it with the world burning around me, that’s pretty special.