October 28th, 2019 – 397

I’m back! Ish. No that’s not fair, I am back at my desk. Trello is getting back into shape with a bit of spring – autumn? – cleaning. Heck I only had 66 emails this morning which was a nice suprise, and I’ve already dispatched them all. I managed to sleep by 10pm yesterday by some miracle, and that meant I had time to wake early, have a coffee. Heck I almost had a morning shower. Note to self, hot water not working…

So I’ve got two tandem projects at the moment. The most important one is the easier one: I have 37 chapters of VOL that need to go through HemingwayApp to get in shape. That is a pretty painless – if monotonous – process. I’m thinking if I do three a day then in two weeks I have the whole thing done. That’s an if still, but a doable if. The other is of course TSS, which all in all is going swell. The only problem is on any reasonable projection I’m 8 days behind schedule.

If I have a few bigger days here and there I’ll make up that defecit, but this is assuming I don’t have any 0 days. I’ve already had two, so this seems unlikely. Also of note, I have to have 0 days or I get like, well like I am right now, and like I was last week. So it’s unlikely that I’ll finish TSS by the end of the year. That’s ok, I know my limits, but the plan will be to pivot to WHT’s type up regardless of where I am with TSS on January 1st. 

If I did not have Trello I would never be able to put my life back together like I am able to after long periods of illness. In the past, if I was on to a good thing, one bad bout like last week would kill it in the crib. Thanks to 1K for the motivation, and Trello for keeping all my things safe while I can’t act on them, it’s like I was never ill. I mean yes my voice still sounds like I chain a pack a day – not until Boris gets his election – but otherwise I’m rosy.

Well, back to it.