October 27th, 2019 – 396

Target done, and man does it feel good. I don’t feel fantastic but I do feel better than I have done in previous days. My cough is looser, and my general health a lot less dicey than it has been. I also feel good that that’s a thousand words of TSS that I’ve written, so that puts me in a good position to finish by the end of the year deadline.

I did a rough assessment, and found 46 chapters of TSS, each I estimate as being about two thousand words in length. That makes for a 92,000 word story, but some of those chapters will be nearer to 1,200 in length. That said, my range is now going to be officially 1,100 to 2,500, with the preference being right in the middle. I’m ok with having some chapters being twice the length of others if they need to be. For me, the position of the chapters matters more. Some work better as snapshots.

I also had my first major reworked scene today, a therapy session between my protagonist and their therapist. I found in the first instance I wasn’t making the protagonist likable enough, and now I feel I’ve got some good work in place tugging on the audience’ heartstrings. It’s a huge improvement over my writing of five years ago, and it’s gratifying that I now know how to do these little things. I wonder what I’ll be like in another five years?

So I’ll be back at work tomorrow. That’s going to be a weird experience. I am lucky in that – touch wood – it looks unlikely an election will get called before Christmas now, so my holiday maneuvers shouldn’t come back to bite me. If it ends up called anyway then, bugger. But eh, I still have time to dedicate to it if that happens. I hope for my health’s sake it doesn’t. Selfish, maybe. To be frank I don’t give a damn, my health comes first. Plus hey, it’s not like it’s within my control.

Right, gonna go journal, then maybe do some more TSS. No sense in not banking a bit more while I’m on a roll as long as I don’t overdo it. I’ve learned that lesson; I don’t like getting ill like this.