October 26th, 2019 – 395

Good news is that I uploaded VOL’s first chapter today without a hitch, It even has a snazzy new cover I’ll update above when I can. Bad news is I am a train wreck right now and I will try to write TSS, but it’s gonna be a bit dicey. Not having access to coffee is really taxing my productivity to the splintering bone.

Been a busy day, but alas the flat is still a tip. Not much I could do, my immune system threw me under a bus for a third of a month, and I did all I could to avoid my flesh scrambling under the serrated metal. Can you tell I’m still not impressed with how much I’ve had to put up with from my body this month?

Anyway sorry for yet another short and late one. When I’m back at work on Monday I’ll try and get the routine back in order. Cya for now.