October 25th, 2019 – 394

I am still stuck in such a bad loop at the moment. I didn’t manage to tidy anything today, my energy is all going into basic functions because this cough drains the excess and then some. I’m so angry about this illness. It took my holiday, it took extra holiday days, and it’s about to take my weekend. Sick of being ill all the time. I exercise, even at my worst I eat better than I give myself credit. I take my breaks, and I get enough sleep. Why is my immune system ready to buckle at a moment’s notice?

Well, screw that noise because I now have the first 11 uploads for VOL ready to go. If I weren’t so sick that I average two coughing fits a minute I might have gotten the whole thing. I’m going to out-productive 99% of writers even if I do have to do it whilst spewing my guts up. I’m just that good. Random rants at imaginary writers to my imaginary readers aside, I still need to write !K for today, so am about to do that with TSS. The story is going well so far, cannot complain. I’m sure I’ll hit a roadblock at some point but for now, it’s flowing as it should.

While I would like to get VOL all edited up over this weekend ready for full serialising, I’ll settle for not also developing a chest infection at this point. Tired of stress making me so ill, tired of not doing what I love as my actual job too, but not a whole lot I can do about that in the short term. On stress, I guess I need to start turning more people down, and telling them “sorry, not my remit” and handing their requests right back to them. I should do that anyway. Heck, at least I’m willing to be polite about it.

Right, I’m going to dive into TSS, then with luck sleep the worst of this cough off. I like to think it’s getting looser at the moment, and I’m clinging to this notion until they wheel me into the hospital or I get past this mess. At least uploading that first chapter tomorrow will be a satisfying experience. Even if I still don’t have a cover…