October 22nd, 2019 – 391

Target done. Ok I wanna talk for a minute about “Target done”; for a few days now I’ve only written this entry after 1K, and while yes that’s what I started off doing, and I never really laid a firm rule of when to write this, when I’m doing it so late at night that feels off. I mean yes I can write 1K at 5AM if I really want to – I never want to, what kind of psycho would? But this blog feels like more of a starter, a warm up if you will. Well anyway, point is I am going to try and write these earlier, as I can’t write this at 5AM.

So what I wrote today was the rest of Chapter one of The Spectrum Sings, or TSS as I have and will continue to refer to it. I feel right at home with this story, and feel I’ve hot the ground running with a strong opening, full of intrigue, questions, action, and of course my protagonist’s saving the cat moment. Can’t ask for too much more than that so I am pretty darn happy. I’d be happier if my cough was gone, but now I have the single greatest medicine known to, well, me: Boots Pharmaceuticals Glycerin Honey & Lemon Linctus. Live in the UK? Have a cough/sore throat? Buy it. Trust me, it’s gold. No really, it’s even golden in colour.

In case it’s not obvious I am still delirious from illness so imma go say sleep sleep now. Bye.