October 20th, 2019 – 389

Target done.

Migraines can suck a big one.

But who cares because, at last, VOL is done! Well, not edited but complete! I got just enough of a gap in the hostilities upstairs – and I hope it’s over by now dear god – that I could end the type up. I know all the edits I need to make, I have them on Trello, and I have a schedule to release on. What more could I ask for?

Well, I’m going to ask, for god’s sake can this stupid migraine go away already. Sure, I’ve had longer migraines, and I’ve had migraines that came close in pain, but three days of my most painful one ever? What did I do to deserve that? You know, besides work myself to death on my day job making this all but inevitable. I need to try and relax at work more. Overcompensating is fine until it gives you a heart attack.

Right, so I missed upload on TUS again, but I feel the migraine is a good excuse. If you’ll forgive me though I’m going to prioritise that right now, then sleep.