October 17th, 2019 – 386

One more day. The funny thing is that could apply to two things at once. The first is a gurantee, that when I finish work today I have a mini holiday to try and get my life back within my control. Unlike the last one, I have no plans that should risk my mental health this time. Then again I didn’t view the stuff I had a month a go that way either. I’ll do my best to rest and recover. What else can I do.

The other situation that may be complete in one more day, is the typing up of VOL. I have a small amount left to go, and at a guesstimate I’d put it at about 2,000 words. That means if I did write VOL as target today, I would at last reach my goal. Today marks a whole month since my first “realistic” deadline passed. If I’ve learned one thing from this, it’s that I have a choice on future projects:

Option one, I write all my stories to 75K like this, and accept that it takes three to four months to write them up. When I write full time that won’t be an issue; I can do fresh content with half the day, typing with the other half. I can do tweaks and outreach inbetween. This is what I will end up doing for sure, but is it what I should do now?

Option two, I write my stories up to 60K, and let the 15K or so I seem to pick up along the way get me to 75K. This is such a tempting option, I am not going to lie I would love to write like this. I could have a first draft done in two to three months. And at the same time, I know it would be a huge mistake. I am sure when I type up TSS I will see why. Adding more, is a lot more work than cutting down. 

But all these are problems for another day. For now, I want to get to the end of today, and try and focus on recovery.