October 15th, 2019 – 384

Note to self: getting soaked through and sitting in wet clothes for several hours is bad. Also, turns out my back up coat is nowhere near waterproof enough. I’m not in great shape, and while I’ve managed to clear my work queue I’m feeling awful. You might think it won’t matter too much, what with booking off Friday and Monday. After all with a four day weekend I would have plenty of time to recover.

…Yeah I, haven’t booked them off. I know that I said that I would. I also know that I should book them off. But I doubt that I will. Call it stubbornness, or cowardice, but I can’t. I need to, but a mixture of worry about running out of holiday and dislike of booking short notice holiday is in the way. It is what it is, my mental blocks as much obstacles I must compensate for as work hours and nutritional needs.

The good news is, if today becomes part two of gutting VOL, then I have an easy path to quota. I’m going to purge 15,000 words, and in the process no doubt I’ll add at least a thousand. I’ll track my new additions in a seperate Google Doc as I go to track when I’ve hit target. With luck, I can use my break now to get the majority of this done. Time will tell, but I hope I’ll finish by 5pm. Last night, having target done helped so much.

Wish me luck.